Compressive force test & bending

Compressive force test & bending

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Printing plates

  • For compression tests on springs, foams, cartons, spray cans and many others.

Pressure plates for high loads

  • These high quality stainless steel compression plates are ideal for compression tests on springs, foams, cartons, spray cans and many other products. Integrated Eye End.

3-Point / 4-Point Bending Fixture

  • This group of bending fixtures is designed for 3-point and 4-point bending testing of plastics, metals, ceramics, pipes and many other materials. Base elements are available in two sizes along with a bending fin and any roller diameters. Use a combination of base element and bending fin for 3-point bend testing or two base elements for 4-point bend testing. The base elements feature sliding blocks with multiple V-grooves to allow the use of different roll diameters. Rolls with a diameter of 10 mm are included and other sizes are available. Base elements have engraved rulers with an inch scale on one side and a mm scale on the other. Integral, eyelet-ended mounts facilitate mounting to tension gauges, force gauges, and test stands. Base units also include through holes and mounting screws for direct mounting to specific test stands.

Chuck / Bit Holder

  • For securing round test pieces, fixtures or bits The Mark-G1010-X is typically used for force measurements and mounted to a force gauge or test stand. The G1022-X is typically used for torque measurements and mounted to a TST series torque tester.

Padded attachments

  • For applications in the field of physiotherapy and ergonomics, including tests of muscle strength, work/.
    Job requirements, etc.

Finger Simulator

  • Finger pressure simulator with rubber tip for testing push buttons, membrane switches, touch screens, keyboards, etc.

Device for punctual loading

  • For determining the puncture resistance of plastic films and other materials up to 5kN according to ASTM D5748. Four quick clamps and a compression ring co-centric ribs effectively secure the material while the included piston with ball probe stretches and tears the specimen.

Syringe testing device

  • Designed to check the compression force for syringes, according to ISO 7886-1 and other relevant standards.