Tractive force test

Tractive force test

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Wedge Clamp

  • Heavy duty wedge grips are designed for tensile tests up to 10 kN. Self-tensioning serrated jaws hold the test specimen by a spring-loaded knob and rack-and-pinion type mechanism. The jaws are mounted on roller bearings to prevent jamming, which is common with conventional wedge grips.

Wedge clamps for small parts

  • For general tensile tests with low forces. The fluted, self-clamping steel clamping jaws can.

Clamping fixture for small parts

  • For testing small and hard-to-reach electronic and mechanical parts. The narrow profile of this fixture allows it to be used in a variety of applications.

Multi-Clamping Gripper

  • For clamping round or unusually shaped articles. The jaws are extended and retracted by rotating the housing.


  • This gripper is designed for various tensile test applications. Among other things, it is ideal for spring testing and chain link testing. A spring pin with ball plunger engages to secure it during the test procedure. With integrated eye end, this can be optimally used with MARK-10 force gauges, load cells and test stands.

Clevis for high loads

  • Clevis for high loads such as spring testing. Integrated Eye End.

Gripping device for straps

  • For secure gripping of textile webbing, tapes, braided materials normally used in construction, marine and other industrial purposes. Ideal for compliance with ASTMD6775 and related standards, the grip can accommodate a variety of specimen widths and forces up to 10kN.