TSA750 / TSA750H

TSA750 / TSA750H- Tensile & Compressive Force Test Bench

KForce, manual, 3.750 N

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  • Compatible with indicators and load cells, as well as meters
  • Maximum travel
    with stops: 70 mm
    without stops: 152 mm
  • Lever can be positioned in 30° steps
  • Precision rack and pinion mechanism
  • Adjustable end stops
    For limiting the travel. Useful for repetitive testing.
  • Compact size, suitable for crowded workbenches
  • Ergonomic design with smart, clean cable management
  • Removable base with loading table
    Steel loading table with threaded holes allows mounting of gripping or holding devices.
    The entire base can be disassembled for alternative mounting.
  • Friction brake
  • Optional digital travel display